The following are the services we provide to help you become better prepared in an emergency situation.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Business Continuity

R&A offers comprehensive services for business continuity and disaster recovery planning as well as providing operational strategies and logistics that will ensure quick restoration of mission-critical functions in case of disaster. We provide processes to support your existing clients and position your organization to attract banks, hospitals, and other private or public-sector entities requiring disaster recovery compliance to maintain the critical supply chain.

Codes and Compliance

Codes & Compliance

The team of R&A will assist with your organization to comply with rules, policy, and standards such as with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the Joint Commission of Healthcare Operations (JACHO), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration. We can generate goals for your organization to ensure in taking steps to comply with many relevant laws, polices, and regulations.  Our approach is used to safeguard that all necessary governance requirements can be met without duplicating effort from your resources. 


Command Centers & Emergency Operations Development

The R&A team has decades of experience in developing, staffing, and managing command centers and emergency operation centers (EOC). From major cities such as New York City to county levels such as Nassau County, New York, and for non-profit entities such as the Applied Science Center for Homeland Security.

Our team will implemented many functions into command and/or emergency operation centers such as, and not limited to coordination, install surveillance management, create levels of activation, develop information management processes, how to activate and implement emergency planning, how to develop operations & mission management, provide policy making processes, public information management, the layout and physical environment and more.

Emergency Order Legal

Compliance Consulting

R&A can draft local emergency orders in accordance with local, state and federal emergency management requirements such as with:

  • Compliance with Stafford Act and Defense Emergency Act requirements

  • NYS Executive Law Article 2-b requirements for emergency management

  • Compliance assistance for procurement by municipalities in accordance with NYS law

  • Compliance assistance with federal and state education requirements including SAFE Act, Clery Act and FERPA

  • Managing hazard insurance and claims

Project planning and risk assessment

Construction & Design

 R&A provides architectural and engineering services along with project planning, risk assessment, value management, project budget and scheduling. We put consideration into vital logistic items, project phasing, design management issues and procurement strategies. We also deal with hiring and supervising sub-contractors and coordinate all job-site activities of the project. 

Cyber Security COOP Disaster Recovery

Cyber Security

COOP, Virtualization, Disaster Recovery, Enterprise storage, Hands On, Cyber Insurance, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Fraud Investigation Cyber Forensics, Key Logging Encryption Software, Cyber Risk Management, Physical Risk Management, Financial Risk Management, Hacking Prevention Program, Business Data Intelligence Optimization

Training and Educational Services

Education & Training Exercises

R&A is available to provide training and educational services, including seminars, workshops, customized courses for your organization, and exercises. Our team has experience in development of graduate and undergraduate degree programs. Also provided are field academies to live training.

Emergency Management

Emergency Management

With decades of experience in emergency management, R&A can provide numerous functions and all aspects of this field for government, businesses, infrastructure, non-profits, and schools. Our team can assist in developing emergency operation plans for all categories of hazards, logistics as well as develop threat response guides and planning analysis. Education, training and exercises can be developed and implemented with high levels of quality as well as assisting the evaluation of new staff and an effective organizational profile.

Environment Regulations Consultation

Environment (Regulations Consultation)

R&A can advise your organization regarding Federal and state laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures relating to the production, storage, distribution, and disposal of hazardous materials as well as agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional usage.

Fire Fighting Hazardous Material Training

Fire Fighting & Hazardous Material Training

Providing education, training and exercises, safety, personnel protective equipment, and Pre-Response-Emergency-Planning. We also specialize in High Rise Fire Fighting Operations, Maritime Fire Operations, Close Cavity Rescue Search & Rescue, and Aviation / Airport Fire & Rescue. 

Hazardous Materials Incident Operations for Public and Private Organizations

Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Explosive Incident Operations for Public and Private Organizations

Grant and Technical Writing

Grant & Technical Writing

R&A will assist or perform the application process for funding your project from governments, corporations, foundations or from trusts. We will understand the target and design the language of the proposal appropriately.

Our expert writers will create expert reports and/or power point displays regardless of the topic.


Infrastructure Analysis and Protection

Infrastructure Analysis & Protection

Involving our nation’s critical field of infrastructure, our team can assist in the analysis of, or consulting towards of hospital facilities, education, mission critical systems, bridges, tunnels, rail roads, pipelines, petroleum facilities, aviation, maritime ports, financial districts, IT, and water and waste systems.

Mission Critical Facility

Mission Critical

Understanding that mission critical facilities are unique in their construction, in their purpose, and the requirements of the end-users, R&A partners have extensive experience in the constructing and commissioning of complex infrastructure

Program Management Emergency Management

Program Management

R&A will assist in the process of managing several related projects, to improve your organization's performance.


Radio – Satellite Communications, Crisis Communications & Press

R&A can provide guidance and assistance in the design, to select and train necessary staffing, and implementation of a robust radio or telephony communication system. Whether it is for a hospital, school, command center, a business dispatch system. R&A will be there from start to finish. 

Security and Fire Systems

Security & Fire Systems

R&A team will provide, design, and install burglar alarm systems, fire alarm systems and IP Surveillance / CCTV Systems in educational, financial, religious institutions, and infrastructure.

We can assess the physical security and provide armed or unarmed professional security personnel for your facility or for any of your events.

Shipping Analysis

Shipping Analysis

R&A will assist in your development of importing and exporting goods through documentation, customs clearance, booking, and in operational procedures for executing air exports and ocean imports. Other services include discovering the best routing options for shipments / optimizing time and developing relationships with truck and steamship lines.

Workers Safety

Worker Safety

Health and Safety Plans (HASP), can be customized to cover the operations of the entire organization, codifying policies and aligning with standards and regulations from OSHA, PESH, ANSI, EPA, and/or the NFPA. Other services are:

  • Site-Specific HASP to cover policies unique to the work site

  • Government oversite preparation

  • Return to work program policies