Rotanz & Associates is an enterprise of subject matter experts and specialized firms that can deliver expedient services to afford your government agency, your business, or your non-profit organization the ability to advance sales / services, survivability, and increase your bottom line. The coalition of R&A teams delivers decades of experience providing an impressive force of services.

As you review our services, you find that we can provide expert analysis of your government operations; building(s) or plants’ environment through a unique pre-response-emergency-planning as well as environmental compliances. As the owner, or renter of facilities, it is incumbent to procure real time intelligence to you, to emergency repair crews and first responders, as to the current use of the building, its contents, potential hazards, and the movement of occupants. Plus, the analysis will inform you or the insurance company that the occupancy is being used correctly according to local, state, and federal law.

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Rich Rotanz

Rich Rotanz

President and CEO Richard (Richie) Rotanz has over 45 years of experience and expertise in the fire service, emergency management, operations, research, training and academia. His eclectic career has had him functioned as program manager in New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene; co-developed and performed as the Executive Director of the Applied Science Foundation for Homeland Security; co-developed Adelphi University’s graduate degree in Emergency Management; and performed as the first Commissioner for the Office of Emergency Management of Nassau County, New York. 

Prior to his tenure in Nassau County, he served in the New York City Fire Department, working through the ranks and special divisions such as the Safety Command and with Special Operations Command.  After such an assignment, he was detailed by the Mayor’s office as Deputy Commissioner of New York City's Office of Emergency Management, located in World Trade Center 7. In this detail, he was responsible for research & planning, and to organize and manage the emergency operations center during major events.

During the September 11th attacks upon New York City, and after digging his way out of World Trade Center 1 with his staff, he re-instituted and relocated the destroyed emergency operation center to Pier 92, and managed the multi-organization response of over 120 agencies, organizations, and businesses, to the 9-11 tragedy. 

He has co-authored various books in the field of emergency management and is a sought-after speaker at events and conferences. Recently, Richie has been asked to perform as senior advisor in a new maritime company, Sea-Away. Co-currently, he also has established new advisor corporation, Rotanz-and-Associates. But more importantly lives with his precious wife Patricia on Long Island, New York. 

Rich Rotanz President & CEO